Hack the Gap 2018

Project Summary

At Hack the Gap 2018 my team chose to make an application that would help people and adoptable animals find each other. Using the conventions of dating app Tinder, we built Pawsibilities - Find Your Purrfect Match.

Hack the Gap is a two day hackathon. Projects are pitched and built on day one, and presented on day two.

Pawsibilities received the Twilio Unicorn Award "for the most creative/surprising/ambitious/audacious hack"

Feature List

  • Users can create and log in to their own accounts
  • Users browse adoptable pets
  • Pets that have been previously viewed are not shown again
  • Users can view details of each pet
  • Users can click to like or pass on each pet
  • Users can view all their liked animals in one page
  • Users can contact the appropriate shelter via a link in the pet's details

Meet an adoptable pet

New Pet Shown

View details about a pet

View details about a pet

View all liked pets

View all liked pets

Review details of liked pets

Review liked pet details

Contact a shelter about a pet

Contact a shelter about a pet

Technologies used:

  • JavaScript
  • SEAN Stack (postgreSQL, Express, AngularJS, Node.js)
  • Petfinder API
  • Passport

Future features:

  • Users can view more types of pets
  • Users can set "ideal pet" filters that will trigger an alert when you find a "purrfect match"
  • Ability to share animals on social media
  • Native mobile app
  • Bring in more data sources, including local shelters

Check out the code on GitHub